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Emblaser Core power compared to Emblaser 1

I’m looking at upgrading my Emblaser 1 to the newer Emblaser Core for the bump in power, but I’m curious to how significant the boost is? And would it be worth it in your opinion?

Any examples of types of material and success you’ve had with the Emblaser Core, would be helpful, particularly in wood and acrylic.

I’ve own the Emblaser 1 since it launched and it has been a rockstar, even outside in my woodshop covered in dust, it keeps ticking like a beast. But power and some speed upgrading would be beneficial. Appreciate all feedback!

Thank you!

The laser benefits of the ECore are:

1: The diode is producing more power. On average between 5-6 Watts.

2: The lens system reshapes the beam to allow it to be focused to a finer point.

3: The lens system reshapes the beam waist to allow thicker materials to be cut.

From customers we have heard that the E1 can cut our 3mm poplar plywood in 3-4 passes. The ECore can cut it in 1-2 passes.