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Emblaser Core not homing correctly and "ECore Alarm Lock"

I’ve been on the email support with Dominic. But I’m wondering if other core owners have any of these issues with their Emblaser Cores and have found fixes.

With the Emblaser Core logo facing you:

  • If the laser carriage is not in the back left quadrant, the laser will start moving right first, then left, then stall. I need to power cycle 1-2 times before the laser will hit the arm that triggers the limiter switch.

  • If my laptop is plugged in and I’m running LightBurn while I switch the machine on, I can also see “ECore Alarm Lock” in the logs.

  • Sometimes the laser will not frame. I need to tell it to frame a couple of times from light burn before it frames correctly.

However, once homed and framed correctly, none of my cuts have ever failed due to the machine!

But this behaviour seems weird and I don’t think it should happen.

Hi Marc

I’m sure Domenic will sort out the problem for you. Never had a problem that he could not fix.

I have a core  machine and after assembly I had a similar problem. The problem was the homing switch not being long enough and I had to extend it so that it would make contact. once done the machine homes correctly each time and has not had the. problem again.

This might not be your problem but its worth looking at


HI Marc,

I know Lliam is working with you directly on this one through our ticketing system.

When you get the Alarm Lock message, what other information is in the surrounding lines or information?

There should be a message returned that qualifies the alarm-lock status.

I have people staying with me and not enough safety goggles to go around. Will take a while to get more logs.

It was the laser module board!