Emblaser Core Eratic Mid Job

Half way through a job and started running erratic. Now will not home and is in constant alarm. Have sent video to Darkly Labs but no reply, need to get problem solved so i can continue.

Hi David,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community site!
I have just replied to your support ticket.

For anyone who may come across this in the future:

The Laser Carriage was free to move in the Y axis (forwards / backwards), but could not move in the X axis (left / right) - This was preventing the Emblaser from homing correctly.

We checked the Linear Bearing on the Laser Unit and found them to be working.
We were able to locate a Belt / Bearing jam in one of the Gantry Carriages. Once freed the machine was able to home and began working correctly once more.

If you have a similar issues and are unable to resolve it based on the information above, please contact help@darklylabs.com with images and/or videos displaying the problem.