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Emblaser Core cuts better on x axis than y?

Hi there.

Just got a emblaser core second hand and it’s working wonderfully, except I get a cleaner cut on the x axis than I do the y axis. Is this just my settings and I need to adjust or could this be something else? The x axis cuts through perfectly and the y makes it the whole way through intermittently. Any advice would be AMAZING

Hi Jacob,
The reason for this is that the a diode laser beam is rectangular.

** Alert ** Some technical content!
The optics in the Emblaser does as best it can to a shape the beam into a square shape, but it cannot completely achieve this.

This results in the beam width being a little wider than the height which results in it not cutting as well in that direction.

Can you please run a focus calibration and post the result here so we can examine it.

A good result is if the thinnest horizontal value is equal to the thinnest vertical value. If there is a difference between these two values, it may mean the diode is not collimated optimally.

Hope that helps,

Hey there. Thanks for that. Here is the calibration card. The settings are currently both -3 let me know if you think I may be wrong there.

It also seems to be slightly out of square. As the horizontal lines are not square to the verticals. I used a square rule to check this. Recent cuts are pretty close to square but not “exact” is that possible at all? Or again just down to the laser?

Thanks for every bit of help and advice! So useful

This may be a better image.

Your result is spot on. From the photo it looks like the thinnest vertical line is -3 and the horizontal is -2.5.
This will give you the best cutting performance.

Something that may help ‘a little’ is if you experiment with the z-offset value in the cut settings editor. Slight adjustments to this sometimes can improve the cutting. If you were cutting 3mm material, setting this value to 1mm would result in the focus point of the beam being 1mm below the surface of the material. Only use very small values for this setting.

With respect to the angle of the vertical lined, I’m not sure how this could occur. I will need to do some checking when I am in at the lab next.

Hi Jacob,

With the machine OFF, can you please try moving the Gantry to the front of the machine. You should notice that the Gantry Carriages on each side both contact the end at the same time (or within about 0.5mm of each other).

If they do not, or if the belts seem loose, you may need to retention these as per page 30 to 46 of the Assembly Manual, available here: Emblaser Core Assembly Manual