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Emblaser Core alignment guides

Some experiments in cutting Bunnings plywood which warps easily.

The grey parts are for alignment. There are 3 sets to align from the bottom, the side and from the top. Depending on what you’re cutting. If it fits inside the cutter I use the bottom and side alignment struts. If the material is oversize like here, I use the top and side alignment struts.

The white parts help keep the plywood flat. And this worked. The plywood shown actually has a considerable warp and previously this would not have cut all the way through in 2 passes.

All parts are 3D printed and have magnets to attach the the bed.

I’m planning some clips to tension leather flat next.

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hello, where can we find your 3d modems. Because that interests me a lot, to be able to print them and design the same blocking system. Leather clips also interest me working leather too.

Marc, any chance of getting the print files or maybe drawings of your clips or parts shared in this post? This is exactly what I need.

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Seconded the request for more information on your alignment system. This is the one thing that really bothers an OCD like me. I can’t ever seem to get things lined up juuuuust right!

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Here you go:


Spectacular!!  Thanks, these are awesome and a great help for a newbie like me.