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Emblaser Core AC to DC Support Plate

Hey Team,

I modelled up a support plate to hold the AC to DC Convertor Box that goes with the Emblaser Core. Originally I used a strip of 50mm/2" Velcro on the back of my Emblaser Core to hold the AC to DC Convertor Box, but the box was too heavy for the velcro and it would intermittently peel off and fall. So I modelled up a backing plate which bolts on to the exisiting holes that are in place on the Emblaser Core. 

You can access the .stl for printing on your 3D Printer here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3637646

This is an image of what it looks like when fitted:


I hope this helps someone!

I should also note that this was made for the AC to DC Box that comes with the Emblaser Core Australia and NZ Model. I’m not too sure if the box is slightly different size for US / EU. Thanks!

Great idea!

I have moved this into ‘The Lab’ discussion section, amongst other machine ideas and improvements.