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Emblaser and Lightburn Material Settings


I moved over to LightBurn a while ago, but have really only recently used it in anger. One thing that I lost from Laserweb (new program, new computer) is my material database. 

Can you please post up the cutting settings for the different plywood packs you sell? From memory the Eucalypt plywood was extremely strong and needed 7 or 8 passes. I really don’t want to have to relearn that again.








Have you looked in the Library panel that comes with the Emblaser version of LightBurn, on mine the settings were all there?

They are easy to customise if you need to and to create your own.


Hey Martin,


I have some materials in the panel, but not the ones that Darkly sells. Last time it was a long process of burning stars to get the right number of passes, and I was hoping that the darkly materials would be included. 

If anyone has bought the Eucalypt plywood, please let me know what the details are!