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Emblaser and architecturql modelling

  1. _ Apart from the printed  signs  obviously, everything here was made with the emblaser, _

  2. Each brick ( for reference) is 3mm by 1mm… Walls/brickwork are 1,5mm mountboard The backing  removed  from some to get the different layers. All window frames and lettering are  0.3mm plasticized card stock from Officeworks etc…

  3. _ The Emblaser really is the best tool ever! _

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That is FANTASTIC Chris.  How long did it take to put it all together?



Paradise Beach Vic.


That is FANTASTIC Chris.  How long did it take to put it all together?



Paradise Beach Vic.

All I can say is WOW…!

Nice work.



Excellent work Chris.

Hi Daryl, thanks for the comments (and to Mark and Domenic too). Being the first attempt at this, it took many hours, both in getting the files right in Inkscape, then learning how to get the laser settings worked out. BUT… the next one will be MUCH quicker now I know what I am doing, and having the brick files, the window files and so on all saved. So if you were to say “Hi Chris, please make me a model of the Camden A.H and I Society Hall!”, I’d say the brickwork would be about 45 minutes to engrave, the windows and lettering would be about 15 minutes, then the painting and construction would be a couple of hours, ignoring drying times.

I’m finding the beauty of the laser  is that previously doing things by hand, if you mucked it up you’d have to start all over again. With the laser though, all the work is in the CAD side, and once you’ve got that saved, you can laser cut 10 windows as easily as the 4 or 5 that you actually need, so if you make a mistake you can just reach for a spare.


Very impressive work. I’m curious about the plasticized card you mention that was used for the windows and small letters. I haven’t had any luck with an internet search for the product. Also curious as to what scale that is.

Hi Jared,


I’m not sure what its called but you can get it from most craft/art shops, in the area where they sell those fancy papers for wedding invitations and so on. It has a metallic sheen to it.   Here’s an  example from officeworks, though the blurb says this has a textured surface, whereas the stuff I get is very smooth but it should give you an idea -


It comes in several colours and has a more ‘hard’ surface than normal card, I like it because bits that aren’t quite cut through snap out cleanly, rather than tearing or leaving a little tuft like normal card can.

The scale is 4mm to the foot - I think that is 1/76th?


Ahh … thanks Chris. I’ll have a look for that kind of card to try out.

And here it is finished - I had to use embossed plastic roofing, I’m really looking forward to trying out what  the 3D engraving capabilities of the Emblaser 2 are, for things like that!