Emblaser Air Assist

Not sure if this has been asked before, but I have noticed when running a job on the emblaser, the air assist sometimes gets a bit louder than usual. I have also noticed that when I go to clean the lens on the laser, the air assist nozzle is dusty, I’m guessing this is normal, correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m just wondering if the change in how quiet the air assist pump used to be, and how loud it is now could be caused by dirt/dust from cutting?

Thanks in advanced for any tips or information about what’s causing this

HI Caleb,

Firstly, the new air assist pump is quieter because it uses a rotary compressor design as opposed to a reciprocal design. They both produce the same amount of air-flow, so should behave similarly when operating correctly.

The fact you are reporting your pump changes speed sounds like something is not working correctly.

Can you confirm which version of the pump you have?

This article shows the two types:

I use the v2 as I bought it with the emblaser core

It is possible that dust/fumes could eventually damage the compressor.

If it is not sounding smooth / quiet like it used to, it sounds like it is damaged.

Are you able to send it back to us for checking?

I will send it back once I finish what orders I have. I will send you an email once I send it. Also, what address do I put on the box to send it back?

Thanks for your assistance

Let us know when you are ready to send it back and we will create a support ticket for you.

Our address is:
Darkly Labs
Unit 3, 99-101 Western Avenue
Westmeadows, 3049

I have ordered one so that I can send the one that you need to inspect. If you find that the one I got with the laser is faulty, I have a spare one until it is repaired or inspected by you.

I will send it as soon as the new one arrives

Hi Caleb,

I have created a support ticket to better manage the return and inspection of your Air Assist - You should receive an email regarding this shortly.
Once the AA is received will keep you updated on the support ticket.

Best regards,

Customer Support Team


Ok thank you, I have just received the email