Emblaser 3 listed in LightBurn / Wishlist

I was going through LightBurn’s new device wizard and noticed ‘Emblaser 3’
Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 16.20.52

On this topic, I’m wondering what it could be, a few ideas pop into mind—a bit of a wishlist:

  • It looks and works like an Emblaser Core but with the base turning into a complete metal construction like Teenage Engineering’s PC case https://teenage.engineering/store/computer-1/
  • Modular cutting head: laser can be switched out for a small CNC mill or even a 3D printed clip to hold a sharpie
  • A2 paper size cutting bed

Can I add to the wish list:

  • That it be released tomorrow.

That is all!


I am wondering if its referring to the 10w upgrade, or maybe there is something else in the works

This is a place-holder device while we finish off the new Emblaser.

For now, just pretend it’s not there!