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Emblaser 2 usage indoors

Hi all,

I must say I am very excited now to receive my laser after seeing the material specs!

One question came to mind is; is it okay to use the laser indoors in a small room? Now I know theres a fume exit which I will direct it outside my window but still is it okay to use it indoors? Im only going to use wood ply! 


Looking forward! 

As long as you ensure the fumes are vented there should be no problems with using it indoors.

Please also remember, that no matter how safe we have made the Emblaser 2, it is still recommended to never run it unattended.

I find that even with a hose blowing the smoke out a door in my 2 car shed, there is still visible fumes coming up from the back of the unit.
I wouldn’t recommend using the Emblaser 2 in a small room at all unless you can open decent sized sized doors or windows and it’s a windy day

Hi Tom,

We have recently introduced a small hose adaptor to help limit fumes working their way through the spirals of the hose. Please check the attached photo and advise if your machine came with this:


Nope, haven’t seen that before. I’ll put in a support request for one.
thank you - Hope I am not missing any other parts due to being part of the initial shipped units…

Hi Domenic, how can i get one of these? I had to move my E2 outdoors, which is less than ideal, to use, as even with hose blowing out through a sealed hole in window, there was a strong smell of smoke and cannot be used indoors. And does this coupling eliminate smoke leakage as i wrapped that section of hose with tape but was still getting fume smell in the house, would love to move laser back indoors


This adaptor works really well on all our test machines. Unfortunately tape will not work because of the spiral nature of the exhaust hose.

I have our sales organise one of these with you.