Emblaser 2 - Update

Emblaser 2 ist running perfectly since 2019 - can I update to a new Laser (10W) - Serialno: E2-02024.
Thanks! When yes, should I order it in Germany oder in Australia! - I am from AUSTRIA!

Hi Baa,

Thanks for posting on the Darkly Labs Community.
It’s great to hear your Emblaser has served you well!

You can certainly upgrade your machine with the 10W Laser Unit. However, as your machine is pre E2-02910, you will also need to upgrade your Lid to maintain a ‘Class 1’ laser rating and prevent potential eye injury when using the 10W laser module.

You can find this information here: Emblaser 2 / Core - 10W Laser Unit Upgrade

You can purchase the upgrades from Darkly Labs directly. However, it may be more economical to order from our European distributor, Machines 3D, who are based in France and appear to have stock available currently.

I hope that helps!

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