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Emblaser 2 settings missing from Lightburn 0.9.02

Hi again,

Myself and two colleagues have Lightburn 0.9.02 installed to use with an Emblaser 2 on our laptops.

On one of the laptops, when clicking devices, two of the versions have the Emblaser 1 (A4 & A3) and Eblaser 2 listed. These laptops connect and cut successfully.

The third computer lacks the Emblaser options, but has all of the others. We try to setup a machine using smoothieware and the E2 specs, but the ‘support’ field is missing from the cuts section and despite matching all possible settings for origins and starting from absolute position, the laser starts the job from the incorrect position, not even attempting to set the height height. The laser is therefore unfocused and nothing cuts.

Beyond trying to match settings, I have attemped to overwrite the prefs.ini from my install to his, without luck.

Myself and himself both have paid licenses and have downloaded the same file from the darklylabs.com/e2 page for Lightburn.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Are you sure both licenses were purchased directly from Darkly Labs?

If so, please email me the activation keys (support@darklylabs.com) and I will make sure they are configured correctly on the LightBurn license server.