Emblaser 2 Randomly freezing

Hi, starting yesterday I’ve been having an issue where my emblaser 2 randomly freezes all of the time, it does this during cuts, while framing, and even while homing on first start up. It still does this issue with the usb plugged in and out of my computer so lightburn is unrelated.
I reinstalled the firmware (v210) and it worked for 1 or 2 laser cuts but has now started doing it again, lightburns console shows no issues when it does freeze. I tried reuploading the v126 firmware but now lightburn always says upload failed so I can’t test that.

Here is a video of it doing this while in the homing sequence, usually it gets to the point where it’s homed successfully but quite a few times like here it doesn’t: PXL_20221203_052257915.TS.mp4 - Google Drive

Any help would be appreciated thanks,

Hi Frank!

That is unusual.

Sometimes a Firmware upload will fail the first time around - can you please confirm that you have tried downgrading to V126 this a few times?
If so, I’ll create a support ticket where we can look into this further.

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Hi Lliam!

I can confirm I tried downgrading quite a few times, restarting a mixture of both the machine and LightBurn to. Maybe I can try again later on today to downgrade with my laptop instead,


Hi Frank,

I’d like to create a support ticket where we can try a few more things and if needed, look into this further - unfortunately I could not find your details in our system.
Could you please send an email to help@darklylabs.com so that I can assist you further?