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Emblaser 2 March 2017 Batch For Sale

Administrators, I hope it is ok to post this. Please remove if it is not acceptable.

Hi everyone,

Before I put this on eBay I thought I would give the opportunity for someone to purchase my Emblaser 2 that I have only used a total 3 times.

  1. Engraved a logo into cardboard

  2. Cut a minecraft sword with cardboard

  3. Attempted to cut a box out of cardboard

It is the original March 2017 batch so still under warranty.

Great product but I bought this for my partner and now after 10 months it just sits in the shed and collects dust which is heart breaking when I know there is someone passionate and who would dream to grab one. I am willing to pass on the price I got it for being the original support batch at AUS $1,965. I am not greedy as we all know you can only grab this machine at $3K plus

If you are interested, contact me jnprivate@outlook.com.au

Please understand, I will not accept anything lower and you will need to organise either to pick it up or own freight.

I am also happy to video conference a demonstration / testing of the unit so you are confident you are getting legit deal.

Kind regards,


Where are you?


Hi Tom,

I’m in Adelaide

Me too - I’ll send you an email