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Emblaser 2 Manufacturing Progress

In order to keep customers up to date with the Emblaser 2 progress, we will use this discussion to post information as regularly as we can.

Please try to not email us asking when your machine will be shipped as responding to all those emails actually slows us down in getting your machine shipped. We will be notifying all customers when their machine will be shipping and providing tracking information as well.

We appreciate everyones patience and want to reassure all customers that their Emblaser 2 will be delivered as quickly as possible.


28th Feb 2017

Production has been running for a little while now on the Emblaser 2.

Over this time we have been working around the clock to make it as smooth and efficient a process as possible. The Emblaser 2 is a complex machine to assemble and requires a great deal of attention. Our original estimates on our throughput of 15-20 machines/day have not been achieved but we are slowly edging towards it. We are currently sitting at just under half that.

We have a great team working on assembly at the moment and have managed to begin shipping some machines to customers.


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28th Feb 2017 (continued)


The Emblaser 2 packaging has also been delivered after a lengthly delay due to some local industrial strikes. We received 17 pallets of packaging material which when put together will ensure your Emblaser 2 will arrive anywhere in the world, undamaged.


We are a few days away from posting the first beta version of Laserweb. This will allow you to install and play with it until your Emblaser 2 arrives.

There is lots of development still taking place on Laserweb with updates and developments happening daily and it shouldn’t be long before we are at the next iteration release.


The Emblaser 2 has passed all FCC and Australian electrical regulatory requirements.

We are still awaiting FDA approval which relates to US customers only. We don’t anticipate any issues here but the process does need to run its natural course through the various government bodies.

As yet, we are still working on the documentation for CE approval for European customers. The majority of the testing we have undertaken and passed for FCC approval is applicable to CE. We are actively working on completing this as quickly as possible.


This is requirement that temporarily took a back seat to us getting into production. We are actively working on this now and will most likely release this in staggered updates relative to its importance. 


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Excellent!  Thank you Domenic - it’s great to see these in production,  and I hope it’s not too stressful for you all



Great to see abd hear.


Waiting patiently for local pick up notice.

Thanks for letting us know. 

I think for most people, including me, we are not worried about time slippages as long as there is strong communication. It’s when we don’t hear anything that we start to get restless. 

I’m looking forward to the new software. 

I think I just saw mine :wink:

Domenic said they had already started shipping out some machines.  Anyone receive theirs yet?  First impressions?

Looking forward to receiving mine. Kinda disappointed that someone else gets to make it (and get paid to do so!), I loved building my E1’s - it was like being a child with a new Lego set on Christmas day :).

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I assume that they will be sent out in the order that they were purchased. Is this correct?
Getting keen! :slight_smile:

I have lots of patience, as long as it gets to the UK in one piece and works ok I will be happy.

mind you, looking at the pics I have always wanted a wall I can hang trays from! How easy am I pleased! 

Keep the good work going :nerd_face:

Thanks for posting this stuff Domenic! It’s exciting to see the progress and I can’t wait to get my machine. I would be interested to know if the people that you shipped the first machines to have received them and if you’ve gotten any feedback yet? It’s also great news that you’re going to pre-release the software so we can get acquainted with it while waiting for our machines to arrive. That’s critical for getting up and running as soon as the machine gets here. Starting to get excited!

Impressively tidy!

When I built my Emblaser I took up most of the floor…

Happy to see it. Can’t wait to try out the software, and then of course my new Emblaser2

3rd March 2017

Just a quick update to end out the week.

We continue to increase our daily throughput. See the pic of the next batch of machines about to receive their electronics and go through final quality control.



Next week we plan to start providing more information about expected deliveries as we will have a much better understanding of our achievable throughput.



There have been a number of bug fixes and improvements recently and we are just confirming they are stable before we upload the first versions. We were hoping to have them up by the end of this week but it is looking a a few days away.

If you are extremely keen then you can always look at the online Laserweb documentation that is gradually being populated: cncpro.co

We will be creating our own tutorials and information to Laserweb specific to use with the Emblaser 2.



Well underway. See attached pic of the air-assist assembly document in progress.

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Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

Mahalo for the update.  Have a great weekend.

Ohh, now you’ve done it. Wishing it wasn’t the weekend. Going to lobby for 24/7 shipping, posting and courier services in Australia. 

Hello Darkly Labs Team.

Thanks for showing us the latest developments. Really good to see.

Next to this I’d like to ask if it is possible to see the machine in action. Do you have any movies of the engraving, cutting speed? Doesn’t have be a fancy movie, just to see how fast it cuts a small circle in 3mm ply  or a small engraving.

Would be good to see, Thanks a lot for the effort. Mark