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Emblaser 2 lid switches faulty?

I raised a support request over a day ago but at the moment no response.

In the meantime I thought I would try here and see if anyone else has had this problem. Been experimenting with my Emblaser 2 for a couple of weeks now until the other day, part way through a cut the diode switched off and stopped cutting. Restarted E2 and Laserweb a few times but could not get the Laser to enable.

Tried again this morning after blowing air into the switches in case of dust as suggested by someone on another forum, also pushing down on the lid corners, after which eventually the laser enabled and ran a job. Tried another job and it switched off again part way through, pushed on the lid corners and got it to run again. Further attempts have been hit and miss as to whether it will turn off or not during a job, so for the time being I have stopped trying to produce anything it is just wasting material.

Has anyone else had this issue and if so how did you fix it?



Haven’t had that issue but you could try cleaning the contacts on each of the front corners and the contact plates in the lid with isopropyl alcohol.


Cleaned switches, blew air in and pushed lid corners and we are up and running.

Now got to find out why it is struggling to cut through 2mm MDF consistantly.


Inconstant cutting through 2mm mdf could be dirty lens?

Laser stopping half way through job for me required dismantling and cleaning laser head and all fans (over heating alarm)



Yes it was dirty lens in the end, well sort of. I found a small rectangle of fogging between the two prisms, the only way I could get in there to clean it was to wrap a piece of lens wipe around the small tapered offcut of air assist tube we had to remove on first setting up, glad I kept it. This was just small and flexible enough to get in there, but took a couple of goes to get it clean.

The stopping of the laser is definitely a switch on the lid. Ran fine for most of the day until temperature dropped and the lid started playing up, had to hold the lid down on one side to get a job to finish. Any slight relaxing in pressure deactivated the laser, so the switch is working to a very fine tolerance, too fine to be practical for me. Loath to run any sizeable job at the moment, just don’t trust the machine to do a complete cut, which is a great shame, I have a lot of things to cut and fast running out of time for the project I want them for.

The settings and cuts I now get I am happy with, just need the lid to behave!