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Emblaser 2 keeps stopping during a task


This question may have been asked many times before. I am engraving and cutting the 2.5mm Eucalypt laser ply from Darkly labs using the recommended settings in the library. However, everytime I get to the cut component it stops. I have to restart the job again from where it left off by deleting the parts it has already cut. When I do eventually get through the cut I’ve had to do 6 passes. Is this normal. It’s set at 3.3/100mm/s


Hi Kim,
The machine should not be stopping as you describe.

Can you please check the ‘Console’ tab when this happens and let me know what is reported there.

Also, when you say ‘stops’, does the machine just freeze, does the laser turn off etc?


Hi Domenic
the console is saying,

Layer coo pass 3 of 6
Warning: Home the system before continuing
Error alarm lock
On or near line 62678
Job halted
Stream completed in 39:28
Error alarm lock

I’m cutting the Darkly Labs Eucalypt 2.5mm on the settings suggested in the library. However. It takes 6 passes to cut all the way through. The machine keeps aborting part the way through the cut. The laser homes itself and then gives a long beep. It engraves perfectly however, but cutting is painful. I have cleaned the laser and recalibrated on multiple occasions, cleaned the fan and inside the machine. I have upgraded the firmware too. When the laser stops, I have to turn it off, delete the part from Lightburn that it’s already cut and then start the job again. I’ve noticed it can get smoky on occasion and the laser head can feel a little warm. I purchased the F2000 fume extractor last week and have ensured that air assist is activated.

I’m at a loss what to do next. I’d appreciate any advice.

Hi Kim,
I am going to raise a support ticket for this issue.

A support agent will get in contact shortly.


A similar thing happened to me in the latest
upgrade, where the laser would stop middle of the cut. The laser head would turn itsef off and i’d get the alarm message.
I turned off all ways my computer could fall asleep or save energy and that seemed to work, but not sure if that’s the answer.

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