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Emblaser 2 Firmware update issues [126]

Hi there,

I’ve finally been able to pull my Emblaser 2 out of storage after a couple of years, and I thought I’d do the right thing and upgrade firmware etc. but have hit an error when trying to install the latest [126]

I get an error saying
“This does not appear to be a valid firmware file”

I tried changing the filename to “firmware.bin” (like v123), to no avail. I noticed that the firmware page was only updated a month ago, so I wonder if something broke in the build?

Any help would be appreciated!

Actually, looks like I’ve fixed it!

The issue appears to be an older version of LightBurn. I was able to install the v126 firmware after upgrading to the latest LightBurn.


The latest Firmware for the Emblaser 2 / Core, as well as instructions on uploading the firmware to your Emblaser can be found here: Emblaser 2 / Core: Firmware