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Emblaser 2 - External Housing for Air-Assist

The original Air-Assist that is mounted in to the case of the Emblaser 2 was too loud for me and as soon as it was switched on, the vibrations where transmitted to the workpiece.

Therefore i built the Air-Assist into an external housing. I also installed an external socket in the Emblaser 2 case for connecting the power supply with the compressor.

The noise level has decreased a bit, but at night I can’t leave the Air-Assist switched on, otherwise my neighbour would complaint :-(.

But for me it was very important that the vibrations of the compressor didn’t transfer to the workpiece. The Air-Assist is now lying on the side table so that no vibrations get on table where the Emblaser 2 is placed.

The photos should explain everything :slight_smile:

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Nice setup Salvi.

I would recommend you allowed a little more cooling for the motor. It will create heat and without cooling will ultimately lead to failure in the compressor.

Hi Domenic, thanks for the hint.

I wanted to cut out a small “window” in the housing, at the height of the compressor, but the noise level would otherwise rise again. Now I will take the cardboard away and see if the compressors overheats.

I would also like to find a replacement compressor that will be a little less noisy, It’s a 12V motor, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a replacement.

Maybe I’ll find something in an aquarium shop as air pump accessories. I will certainly report as soon as I have found a solution.




Domenic, i still have some questions:

  • Do you know what air pressure the compressor delivers?
  • How much power can be supplied from the controller board to the compressor?

Thank you





Be very careful if running another compressor from the controller board. You may damage the controller.

Pump delivers approx 8-10 PSI

Pump should not draw any more than 2amps @12v. Any more and you can damage the controller.


Thanks for the information, Domenic.

During a measurement I slipped with the tips and caused a short circuit in the MOSFET ZXMN4A06GTA and the SCHOTTKY-DIODE MBRA210LT3G. Then I ordered and replaced these components.

Now everything works fine again. To be on the safe side I ordered some more components. You never know :).

For the compressor I will now see what I will find thanks to your specifications.

Thanks again for everything.