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Emblaser 2 Exahust Fan Replacment (US Options)

I hope that this hasn’t been coverd already and I missed it. I have a broken exahust fan on our Emblaser 2 that I have removed and would like to replace it. I have been having a very hard time finding one that fits the foot print of the existing fan. I know that Darkly Labs sells them, but I am in the US and will pay almost as much as the fan in shipping costs with DHL. Is there a replacment fan that can be purchased elsewhere / ie Amazon?

I would prefer to buy the one from Darkly Labs, but can’t get over the shipping cost to the US.


Hi Adam,
I can’t recommend any US suppliers for this fan, but here are some specs you can use for your search.

Ensure the fan is rated at 12v & 0.6amps.
Try to ensure CFM at least 16.

Here are the fan dimensions:

Hope that helps,