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Emblaser 2 Air Assist - Noise levels

I’ve got my Emblaser 2 set up on my desk and after installing the air assist I can’t really use it with anyone else around… it’s just way too noisy.  It is definitely be too loud to have a conversation anywhere near it and easily beats out my laptop speakers in terms of volume.

Is this just the way it is, or have I got some troubleshooting to do?  



It should not be overly noisy, especially with the lid closed.

Can you tell me whether it sounds like the compressor or the housing bracket is rattling against something?

Things to look for are:

1: Compressor body vibrating against it’s bracket

2: Bracket vibrating against the side walls of the enclosure

I am afraid I have to agree with Angus. The noise from my compressor is so loud that my 23-year-old daughter just came into my studio, with headphones over her ears, listening to her iPod, and asked me to turn the noise down !!!

It really does sound (and feel) like it is about to take off.

I have double-checked that the compressor bracket is securely screwed to the chasis. There is no rattling. It is the compressor itself vibrating.

Is there something else I should adjust?

Mine is the same - seems secure and nothing vibrating against anything else. 

My co-workers have banned me from troubleshooting it today… it’s too noisy! 

Although its loud, I haven’t found it abnormally so since its about on par with the small compressor I use with my airbrush.

Here’s a short video with the noise level - 




From the video the noise sounds correct. 

The air-assist is always going to be louder than the Emblaser 2 running without it. To create the pressure and flow-rate for effective air-assist function, this compressor and noise is unavoidable.

We are implementing a method of slowing the compressor down via software. This will inevitably reduce the effectiveness of the air-assist but will allow some of the benefits with less noise.

We will provide information on this shortly.

Ok, thanks Domenic. I thought that may be the case. I think the easiest solution is to just do my air-assisted cutting outside office hours. 

I might also experiment with some kind of sound dampening around the Emblaser itself and report back. I suspect the table it is on currently is amplifying the lower frequencies and really reverberating through the building.


You are able to adjust the speed of the air-assist motor by making a small adjustment to the machine settings within Laserweb.

In the Settings / Machine tab, under Air Assist - GCODE AA ON

Adding an ‘S’ parameter to the ‘ON’ command will allow you to control the motor speed.

Default (full speed) value = M08

Slower, but still effective value = M08 S200

Slowest value = M08 S150

We recommend not setting a value below S150 as this will not offer any noticeable effect but may also cause excessive strain on the motor.


Is it possible to hack the air assist unit to run compressed air (from an external compressor) through to the air assist nozzle (bypassing the internal compressor motor)?

I realise that this will mean you lose the ability to control the air assist via M codes in the program. Unless some connectors from the circuit board can be attached to a solenoid to control the air flow.

Hi Andrew,

You can run an external hose from your compressor in through the gap in the rear electronics pod near the connectors. 

You would then disconnect the output hose from the Emblaser Air-Assist compressor and join it with your external hose and the correct barb connector.

As you say, you will not have software control over the air-assist on/off.

You would also need to balance the pressure coming in from an external compressor to be suitable for the air-assist function.