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Emblaser 1A4 importing crv files to lightburn


I’ve been using cut 2d with my emblaser1 and I have quite a few crv files.  Can I import these into lighburn?  



Hi Mike,

.crv files are not compatible with LightBurn.


Is there a way I could transfer them to Illustrator then lightburn possibly?  The files are patterns for my leather items and are exact dimensions.  The main reason for switching to lightburn was to be able to engrave text without the extra outline around letters.  Is there a workaround for this in cut 2 d?  Last I communicated with you guys there was a fix coming for the outline around text.  Looks like lightburn fixes this with the “extended edge option”.  

Thanks Domenic!

One more question on lightburn…

Would I be able to create vector patterns in lightburn as I can now do in cut2d?

Hi Michael,

You should be able to export your designs as dxf, svg, ai etc from Cut2D-Laser. These can be brought directly into LightBurn. See attached pic.

You have some basic drawing and editing tools on LightBurn. You also have Grid and Circular array functions to duplicate your designs as patterns.

Hope that helps.


I have hundreds of existing .crv files.  I just select all vectors and export the file as an SVG out of CUT2D.  These SVG files import very well into LightBurn and you can set your speed/feeds/power settings in LB using CUT2D only as your design software.





As Daryl says, exporting as AI, SVG, or DXF will work. From Vectric software we recommend AI or SVG, as those preserve the curves and don’t split them into line segments like DXF often does.

Vector patterns aren’t something you can do yet in LightBurn, however if you have Cut2D, you can export those in the above formats and they’ll come across as well.


Great thanks!
When engraving text and cut to D it puts a outline around each letter. Is there a workaround for this in light burn?

I recognize each of those as English words, but you’ve arranged them in a way I’ve never seen.

Can you describe that in a different way? I honestly have no idea what you mean by “engraving text and cut to D”.

ha! I was using speaker to text. My apologies.

I currently use Cut2D for engraving initials on leather. Cut2D adds an outline around the outside of each letter when engraving text. I was hoping Liteburn would not do this.

Ahh - No, LightBurn does not do this, assuming you are simply importing the text as vectors or building it inside LightBurn itself.

LightBurn’s 3 modes for vectors are Cut (trace the vectors with the laser), Scan (raster fill the vectors with the laser) or Scan + Cut (do both). It sounds like Cut2D is doing the ‘Scan+Cut’ style fill.  I’ve attached an image to illustrate LightBurn’s handling of the three modes, with the interval set high to exaggerate the effect:


Great! I will be upgrading to lightburn

LightBurn - you are correct. CUT2D-L does run an outline (cut) around all text. 

In my opinion, the Scan + Cut mode in LightBurn is a far better option as you can control the power of both the Scan and Cut independently allowing more control of the text output and opening up some extra design possibilities. 




Thanks for input Daryl!