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Emblaser 1 Settings

I understand there is no library for the Emblaser 1 for presets, but was wondering if some “experts” out there have an idea of what presets they might use on certain wood- based on how the Emblaser 2 performs.

Currently I am burning a project on pine lumber, started using two passes- 100% and 10% . Dithering. Have not touched the more advanced settings. Part of the burn I really like but the dark parts of the image burn do not get as dark as the dark parts of a cut.



If it’s not getting dark enough for you, slow it down, and that should help.

The issue was trying to burn onto pine, swapped it for birch ply and ran at:


100 Max

10 speed


Left the rest alone. I think the pic doesn’t do it justice, came out well but any tweaks you might suggest?

Awesome software!