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Emblaser 1 Lightburn Working size

Lightburn working size is defined as Width 410 mm and Height 285mm.  After homing and running a job, the laser tends to goes back to home but crashes as it reaches home which is upper right corner. 

Is there any way to redefine the working size? In settings, the working size is greyed out… Actual work area is roughly 305mm X 205.

I am presently using the trial version



Hi Paul,

It looks like you chose the Emblaser A3 machine instead of the A4 during your initial setup.

In the Laser menu, click on the ‘DEVICES’ button and then delete the devices you have in there. Restart LightBurn and you will be presented with the Quick Start wizard again. From there, select the Emblaser 1 A4.

Yes of course! that fixed the problem.

Thank you,


Paul L.