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Emblaser 1 Enclosure / Fume Extraction

Hi All,

I’ve seen some posts where people have built enclosures for the Emblaser. Has anyone actually bought a ready made one, as i really need to get one but won’t be able to build one myself. I engraved my first chopping board on Monday and it looks amazing but I’ve had a sore throat ever since so need to get something sorted and quickly! Thanks

I don’t know about any ready-made ones. However, I modified an Ikea shelf unit pretty easily to make an enclosure. 

I’ve the IVAR line of shelves in the garage. I already have the Emblaser 1 on an upper shelf, shop computer is on the lower (MakerGear M2 printer in it’s own modified Ikea cabinet to the left). I deepened the shelf with some 2x2 pieces of lumber which has the happy side effect of also more securely fastening the shelf to the uprights. I then skinned over the openings with some cheap 1/8" ply, and used an inline 4" duct fan from Amazon along with some bits from the local hardware store to vent out the window. All told took only a couple of hours to throw together.




The skinned plywood is just staple gunned to the appropriately close shelf pieces. I have a couple of scrap pieces gaff-tape hinged to the front to flip down for when actually cutting. The right side plywood I used the emblaser to cut some holes so there’s a right-to-left flow of air to take away the smoke.

Hi Susanne,

Darkly Labs have a new fume extraction unit that is stand alone and will be available with the laser 2 model. Maybe an option for you

(See their website under laser 2 accessories)


Thomas that looks great, i think i need to get my hammer out. Ive just ordered an extraction fan from Amazon, and ill go to Ikea and get some shelves. They have a wooden under bed storage box which might work, then i can just use a clear or red sheet of acrylic as the lid. 

Thanks for that John, I’m in the UK so would rather stay away from any more shipping and import costs. I’ll try and build one myself i think! Wish me luck.