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Emblaser 1 A3 and LightBurn - laser randomly on and off while cutting?

I’m testing LightBurn with the Emblaser 1 A3. I’ve done the update and everything needed to get it running. The software talks to the laser fine and I don’t have any issues in regards to that.

The problem is when I’m doing a job, the laser seems to turn off while cutting and it’s completely random.

See the image. All I did was to use the text tool and set it to 20mm/s and 100% power. I noticed only parts of the letters actually cut and when I saw that, I did another pass to check if it would be exactly the same again but the second pass was different, as you can see.

Can anyone help me here?

Please try to halve the speed and see whether this still happens.

If not, then this is not the result of your feedrate being too high for this material OR the lens is not optimally focused.

I’ve tried a few passes with different text as well and it does it still. There’s a setting or something somewhere in the software that’s telling the laser to do this. The gap in each letter is the start and end point of the cut and for some reason it leaves this gap between those points.

Can you please email me the project file you are using for this and I will check it.

Please mail to info@darklylabs.com


The thing is, I’m just doing quick tests. I launch LightBurn, throw a square on there, maybe a circle and some text. All just within the app, you know, the tools on the left. Doesn’t matter what shape or size I put, font or number of letters. This happens every time. It’s not a specific project, it’s everything I do.

It is very difficult to help you resolve this without more information.

If you can replicate the problem and then save and email me the LB project file, I can check your various settings, as well as generate gcode and examine whether the laser is being instructed to turn off etc.