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Embaser 2 post processor for VCarve Pro



Has anyone toyed with the idea of writing a post processor for VCarve Pro for the EM2?




Yes I have,  for Aspire which would be OK for VCarve Pro.  From memory, I think I had issues with feed rate being dropped out of the Gcode.  I do use a PP for CUT2D-L .

I may go back and revisit where I was at as someone else is also after the option to use Vectric software with the E2.



Oooh! Yes please, I use Vcarve pro for all my designs so I would be very happy if it could be used with my E2.

OK guys, probably a good idea to shoot me an email to start the process as I suspect there will be a bit of back and forth correspondence required.





| Being a tight a*se I only forked out for Vcarve Desktop. Can I join in too anyway? |   |



Why not Chris.  I have your Email address.

Hi Daryl,


I’e just got myself VCarve fir another machine - and i should be SO greatful if i could run the E2 off of it!


May I join the party, please?