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ECore Power Adapter

Hello all,

I just relocated my Core temporarily, in parts in my checked luggage, and as is tradition, baggage handlers in Ethiopia liberated part of my luggage, mainly clothes but they also kept the Core power adapter. Can someone give me the specs on the adapter and the barrel plug? I’ve gotta finish a job in America by this weekend and can’t wait for shipment from Australia. I’ll have to amazon something in. Bonus points if you can link an Amazon item that will do the job. :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi Michael,

This power supply is a fairly close match for my Emblaser 2 power supply which I have to assume is the same for the Core but maybe someone else can confirm.


Updated link (first one was incorrect):


Here are some pictures of my power supply for my E2 which was one of the first batches, they may have changed it since then though, so maybe ask someone else with a Core or just call Darkly Labs to confirm: