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Earring Hanger

Just finished mucking about making an earring hanger for my wife to get some practice in.

Cut on bunnings 3mm ply, 250mm/min 3 passes air assist on.

A few coats of spray on enamel to paint.

Fits together really nice, found out paint does NOT stick to the cut edges and any engrave lines in the wood, any ideas how to prep these for paint to stick or do I have to sand every single edge?

Looking great.

I’m not an expert but in the past I have ‘sealed’ edges like this before painting. The edges look like this because they draw in the paint. The same thing happens with MDF edges.

You can pick up wood sealers from a paint / hardware store.

Thanks Domenic but I have noticed quite the opposite with the burnt edges, in paticular with lines engraved (this was a makeshift base board for a paper draft run first) in the ply actively repel the paint.

i will get some primer paint and see if that sticks to the burnt endges.

G’day Cameron,


Thats impressive, especially given that getting a decent cut from Bunnings ply is a great achievement.

Trying to glue edges is difficult too - the glue balls up and drops off because there’s a layer of soot on the cut surface that prevents glue or paint from sticking.

I know it sounds  old school in this laser age, but a quick sand of the edges with say 180 grit sandpaper is a big help. After all, if you had cut it with any other method - saw or CNC router for example, a clean up of the cut with sandpaper would be necessary, - a laser is no different.

Agreed great cut from Bunnings ply! Love the idea, might make one up for the wife as well.