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E2 - today's project

Thought I would post today’s project off the E2.  It’s a memorial plaque for the local woodcraft group.  The material is recycled from a piece of discarded Ikea furniture.  Not sure what it is…could be rubber wood but it engraves nicely.  Lot of great material can be scrounged for repurposing during the annual rubbish chick out.  I think I gather more than I discard. :slight_smile:

Should read rubbish “chuck” out…not “chick” out  :slight_smile:

Just assumed you were a New Zealander…

LOvely plaque, any chance of sharing the settings? - I’m wasting a bit of wood trying to get it right, so any tips are welcome!

Hi Chris,

I’m a bit slow, I finally got the NZ joke in the middle of the night. Most wood is pretty good to work with and in fact cuts easier than ply. I only work in timber and have run my two E1’s for literally hundreds of hours with no issue.  The E2 is certainly superior in cutting power and the functionality of a software variable  Z axis is great.

I run all my engraving and fill at 800mm/min  0.15 stepover  normaly 25 - 40% power depending on timber and the look I want.

All cutting at 300mm/min 100% power 3 passes will give you a nice cut on 3mm stock.



That is a very nice engraving. Is the text raster or vector? I am waiting on delivery of my E2 (US)…I like the alignment guide you have in the bottom of your E2. Is it just some MDF or ply with equal lines engraved about the center line?

Thanks David,

The text is vectors created in CUT2D-L.  The grid is just 3mm MDF and a series of boxes created around the centre with a cross hair.  I position all my work in the centre of the workspace. So all I do on the material to be engraved is place pencil lines on material centre, sides and ends and align it to the cross hairs of the engraved box reference lines.  The MDF is held down with double sided tape and if I am doing cutting work, I just place the silicon mats on top of the mdf base board and go from there.

I’m sure you will like your machine when it gets to you. I know Darkly Labs are working very hard at getting shipment happening to you guys.