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E2 size/space requiments

If anyone with an E2 gets a chance and you please post a pic of the top of your machine with any wires, hose, etc attached as well as an idea of how much space the unit needs in real life. The machine footprint is listed, but once you add the hose, USB and power, things change. I want to make sure it all fits on the bench that I’ll be building in the basement and cables can be routed smoothly. The air assist noise level complaints is mading me move its future home from the office near the kids’ bedrooms to the basement to be hidden from the rest of the world:(.



Perhaps someone from Team Darkly can post a pic and give some additional info on space requirements outside of the machine’s footprint.  I’m hoping to start building the E2’s new home this weekend but don’t want to find out that the bench is too small because the vent hose sticks out from the back and isn’t flexible to bend without a large radius. 

G’day Wayne,

There is an external pod on the back of the Emblaser that houses the hose, the  USB and power connections:


To not over-compress the exhaust hose, the depth of the machine plus hose is 670mm minimum, but 700mm would be more comfortable. Maximun external  width is at the bulge of the plastic corner pieces, I measure this at 700mm also, but if I was building something I’d allow 720mm or so.unless space is a premium. Height with lid raised is 650mm, but again, a few mm extra makes a more comfortable fit.

Hope this helps,


Chris J

Thanks Chris! It was very helpful to see the back side and how to layout the space to account for it.


No worries Wayne, if you need anything else just ask.