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E2 not cutting 3mm MDF well any more

Hi all, does anyone know why my 3mm MDF (Bunnings) is not cutting as well as it used to? It’s not even going through anymore, it’s going about 80%.

I tried 2 passes, 200 cut rate and 13mm start height with pass depth of 1.

I also tried 175 cut rate, 13mm start height, pass depth of 3. Thought that would be better but that might have been worse.

Does high heat/humidity affect the material? It’s pretty warm in Western Sydney where I am.

Note: I do not use the settings from the Laserweb assistant as they seem way off.

Hi Maria,

It may be adviseable to clean your lens.



Clean your lens and check air assist nozzle, if you have one is not partially obscuring the beam.

For 3mm I would have a start height of 11.5mm.

I find 2mm MDF hit and miss, one day it cuts in 3 passes with the pieces dropping out, another day even 4 passes it will not go right through.


Thanks all. It was the answer I was dreading! Will clean the lens.

2 passes at 150 always cuts 3mm bunnings MDF for me, i agree with the others, give the lens a clean. Before i got the new nozzle, i would give the lens a quick cleqn with a cotton bud dipped in isopropyl alcolhol before every job ofMDF cutting, always helps.

Also if you are doing cuts and engraves on the one job, I have learnt to cut first then engrave, that way the clean lens does the cuts first rather than a dirty lens after engrave, otherwise cuts dont always go through, particularly lif its a heavy/big engrave.