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E2 Lightburn, Cut Settings Editor - Perforation Mode


Is Perforation Mode applicable to the E2?


I have searched both the Emblaser and Lightburn sites for this.


The nearest I could get was a statement that it was for certain types of systems, but the names meant nothing to me.

It seems to be a prompt for the laser to hold over a start point at the beginning of a cut to punch through, thus to assist continued through-cut.

I drew a small circle in Lightburn and selected  Perforation Mode, with the default numbers.  What I got was a squared-off circle with small gaps at the  top, bottom and sides.  

I decided it was not worth risking the option on a complex drawing just yet.

Help, please?  Is this a useful tool I am missing out on?c


Perforation mode is certainly available.

In the two images shown below, I have turned on perforation for the red lines. I have set them to cut 5mm and skip 5mm.


Thanks Domenic,

I tried something like that… Seems to work well.


I’ll do some more experiments