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E2 Injection moulded and extruded aluminium parts


We just wanted to share some photos of the recently approved injection moulded and custom aluminium extruded parts that make up and Emblaser 2.

The quality of the injection moulded parts is excellent and are made from extremely strong and resilient Lexan.



Those look really good.



Does it come in blue? :slight_smile:  

They look great - very shiny!

We designed it is a way where we can easily alter the colors of the enclosure.

For now it will only be offered in the black/orange scheme though.

We’re really looking forward to this Domenic! The E1 has been a real eye-opener, and proved extremely useful - but the E2 has that extra which I can’t wait to get my hands on!!!

Looks awesome! I like the black and orange color scheme. Can’t wait to wrap my hands around my very own!

The parts look really nice.

I see the pre order was extended.

Does this hint at any delays in shipping final units? (I am holding out hope i can have this under the tree – to supprise my wife).

Also, any updates for material cutting capability?


One more thought…

Looking at the construction of the parts, it looks as if the dimensions could be scaled-up (to a larger cutting area) with relatively little design cost.

Are there plans to offer a larger unit at some point - like with the Emblaser 1?

Hi Nico,

We are working on all aspects of the E2 simultaneously at the moment and they all need to come together seamlessly to ensure a December delivery. Manufactured parts are arriving daily but some are on containers at sea at present. We have submissions with a number if compliance offices for approvals on optical, fire and electrical safety as well as emissions compliance which are required in all countries.

At this point the delivery date is somewhat out of our direct control, but our team has done everything humanly possible to get it to this stage.

The reason we have not yet completed cutting results is because of the enormous amount of effort it has taken to get the project to this point. We do not want to rush the results as it will only lead to problems down the track with customers unable to make informed decisions. 

Added to this there are also improvements we are making daily on the performance. Lens selection is critical and testing performance involves exhaustive tests with specialised optical equipment.

We do not have any plans to scale up or down the current E2 design.

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Thank you for the replies and new pics… they look good.

For me, no biggie on a likely 2017 delivery date. It will give us something to look forward to after the holidays.

Thanks Again,