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E2 camer is not working

hi. i have Emblaser core

although the E2 camera  is in the list but its not showing camera broadcast in lightburn camera control tab. also in the console tab it show this message (File not found: /sd/lensdata.txt). 

any idea what is wrong with it.


Hi Saif,

If you are running Windows 7, this is a known bug.

If not, please raise a support ticket and we will have this resolved for you.

Thank you Domenic. Yes I have windows 7. What is the solution to this bug. 

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Was there a solution? I’m having this issue now.

Was there a solution? I’m having this issue now.

Hi Rachel,

Please try the following:

Go to Edit > Settings , down at the bottom you’ll see ‘ Capture System ’ change it from Custom to Default

If this does not help and you are using Windows 7, please try the steps in this link: https://forum.lightburnsoftware.com/t/windows-7-drivers-for-lightburn-camera/9658

If you are using a different operating system or continue to have issues please let me know.


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Customer Support Team

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my solution was to download win10. 

Note : For the Emblaser 2 / Core, the Workspace Camera is not supported over WiFi.