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E2 Another magnet method

I started using the rare earth magnet hold down method on the baseplate, but was having trouble retrieving them with my stubby arthritic fingers. So I came up with this idea to house two magnets in a small wooden block. It makes removing the magnets dead easy and also gives you the air space under the material.

I sandwich the material beneath other magnets on top, which are easily removed as well. The blocks are about 18 mm square with two opposing recesses to house the magnets which are epoxied in place. I just used a small Forstner cutter sized to the magnets.Just be careful to ensure that the polarity is correct - that’s what the black texta marks were there for ! I ended up making about 20 blocks to cover most situations.


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That is a nice grid you have in there, but isnt it blocking half the vent holes to let air into the E2? 

Hi Cameron,
You are definitely right, I’ll attempt to modify it tomorrow.
Cheers Bob

You will definitely get less underside burning with the piece lifted off the workspace like you have.

Nice and simple solution.