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E2 alignment

This is one of those helpful projects.  On my E1 I had grey tape around the workspace and then cut it 1mm offset from the max workspace and accounted for it when lining up projects.  Finally did the same on my E2.  I milled some wood so it was 10mm thick, added a couple of magnets, pressed them against the lip on the orange sides and glued them togtether to make a 90 deg. I then glued on some 1/16" acrylic and cut it with the 1mm offset.  Since I have it referenced from the sides it only fits one way, I can take it out if need be and drop it back in without loosing my reference distance.  I want to put a few marks on it for material length references, but not tonight. Not much to see in the pic, but figured I’d take one anyway.

Gee, you keep your mats and machine very clean!

Nope - just scrubbed them that night while giving the machine the new air assist rubber nozzle upgrade and lens deep clean process.  The laser was pretty nasty in there a half hour before the picture was taken - now it doesn’t stink as bad when I open the lid!