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E2 Alignment grid

I came up with this grid idea to help with aligning jobs.The cardstock is 1.2 mm thick and slides under the aluminium fins inside the Emblaser.If you ensure that you have a square corner it will locate accurately each time - a couple of small magnets will keep it in place.

I can supply the grid and numbers files if anyone is interested



Great idea Bob.

We are working on a way to share these sort of files easily. Will update you once we have it setup, as i’m sure there are many people who would like this file.

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Just an amendment to the grid design, fellow Forum member Cameron pointed out to me that the grid design was blocking the left hand vents. This was great feed back, as I don’t know what problems could have ensued . Anyway I took that on board and managed to laser some cut outs for the vent ports. All is well now  !


Bob Is there anyway you could send me this file? Thanx.