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E2 Air assist

Hi Domenic,

if the air assist (compressor) of my E2 is working 100% it is very loud and the complete E2 vibrates very much.

This is so strong that sometimes a thin wooden board shifts and the engraving on this is thus faulty.

Since the last ( I think) Lightburn Version is it possible to reduce the working (and also the virbrations) of the air assist.

What is a meaningful value in your opinion?  60%, 70% ore more?

Best regards and a nice weekend


Hi Gert,

Your compressor should not be vibrating like this. There may potentially be an issue that we need to address.

We have found that speeds of 60% and above provides good results.

Please check whether there are any kinks in the air-assist hoses. Any kinks or blockages may cause the pump to overheat and damage itself.


I have a similar problem to Gert.

The air assist was very quiet with a stady but small flow of air whenever I turn on the machine.

It suddenly started to vibrate and become very loud. This happens when i start a cut




I have resolved my problem with the air assist.

I removed the pump, checked the intakes and made sue contacts were secure. I replaced the pump with a thin sheet of rubbed between the base and the pump. Then reset the pump power to 60% a,d restarted the emblaser. 

When the emblaser starts to cut the air assist comes on and  the noise is acceptable for a piston compressor.

Might have accidentally set the power level to 100 %. Not sure. All OK now.



While your air compressor may need particular attention if it starting to get clogged with dust, I do have a (uncertified) solution to solve the noise and vibration issues.
For a quiet and vibration free E2, simply remove the compressor from the machine (mine compressor now hangs outside my office window while in use). Head to your local hardware store and grab some speaker cable and rubber hose to extend the length of the existing cable and hose. The result is no more vibrations messing up your work and a much, much quieter E2. I often have to check the air assist is working because I can’t hear it running from inside. I also did the same with the exhaust fan, as it kept getting clogged, and bought a more powerful one from the hardware store (Bunnings).

All the best,


Dear all,

John … thank you very much for your idea and your hint.

Jeremy … this idea I had also the last days and I think it is a good idea.

Domenic … the noice (vibrations) was from the first day of my working with the E2.

I send you 3 short videos with air assist 100%, 70% and 0% by wetransfer.

Yesterday I checked the E2 (kinks in the air-assist hoses) but I think all is ok.

I also immediately cleaned the interior of the E2 and I discovered in the upper left corner (near the Aisr Assist) a broken plastic part (see picture). Do you have an idea if this can be related to the noise?

Best regards, thanks and a nice day for everyone



Hi Jeremy, may i ask you:

  • What type of rubber hose have you purchased (PVC or silicon) ?

  • What are the inside and outside diameters of the rubber hose?

  • Do you know the exact model type of your exhaust fan?


Thank you.



Hi Domenic,

Slowly my E2 apparently dissolves into all parts (:-)) due to the vibrations. And this although I have worked with him since the purchase a maximum of 10 - 12 hours.
During a job, a screw fell on the material. Can you please tell me where this screw is used. Where should I look if there is a screw missing there?

Please an urgent answer because I have to finish a job.

Hi Gert,

I have created a support ticket for your issues.

1: Please stop running the air-assist until we can resolve your vibration problem.

2: The plastic part you have shown in most likely from the horizontal gantry brackets. It may have received a bump during transportation and is not a structural part in the machine.

3: The bolt you have shown holds the laser unit in place. It should be replaced before continuing.

For technical issues like this it is faster to raise a support ticket as we receive notifications immediately and can address them quickly.

OK … Thanks Domenic

This is an interesting thread. I stopped using my air assist because the vibration would trip the lid switches and turn the laser off, really annoying part way through a job.

Not used it for months and never had a job fail because of laser turning off. Out of interest tried a job today with air assist on and sure enough part way through it tripped and cut the laser off!

I will raise a support ticket to see if Domenic has any ideas.


I resited the pump a long time ago and it now rests on some of the non-slip matting you can get. Since then all vibrations have stopped and the machine is really quiet compared to when it is mounted on the back rail. 


@ralph That is sooo much better. Cant believe I never tried that. I did try putting some felt in between the pump and frame and that didnt help much so just assumed it was a fairly noisy pump.


I can actually talk on the phone right next to it now, such a difference.

Hi all

Is there  a way to physically reset the pump speed or does it have to be via the software? We can’t get small pieces of wood to stop moving on the mat.

Thanks, Helen

Hi Helen,

With the latest version of LightBurn you can control the air-assist motor speed.

Please see the image below: