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E1 - Which wood finishing for better results?

I ran some tests with my emblaser with the following settings:

My laser is 4W - default settings

Cut2d laser toolpath parameters:

Move speed: 50 mm/sec

Power: 80%

No. Passes: 2

Wood finishing BEFORE engraving:

  • I sanded the balsa wood and applied different products.

  • I left the birch plywood untouched. 

These are the results:

Is there any product I could apply to the balsa wood to obtain results similar to the birch plywood? I really don’t want to increase the number of steps.


I figured it out! The answer is in the speed. I decided to run with the move speed of 25mm/sec. Results are great now.

You also should not need more than one pass for engraving.






Also light sanding with 320-400 grit after engraving will get rid of surface smoke and give you nice sharp detail.