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E1 Vented cutting base with magnetic 'clamps'

Hi everyone, after thinking about how best to help vent the underside of the material being cut, a method of aligning the material to the default cutting position and a way to help stop paper/card from moving and helping to keep material like ply flat, I cam up with this solution.

It’s a perforated mild steel sheet, that’s supported and raised slightly above the emblaser’s base, the magnets are in aluminium housings, the type used to hang signs up in shops etc, I removed the threaded hooks and drilled a hole the same diameter of the protruding threaded part, so they fit snugly into the emblaser’s base.

The magnets are positioned near/underneath the corners of the A4 cutting area, to assist with holding down the material being cut.

The T-shape metal bracket was just something I had in my toolbox that already had holes and a right angle!, this is positioned in the corner of the A4 cutting area, so I can easily align sheets of paper/card/ply/acrylic etc.

I raised the perforated metal base off the emblasers base just enough to allow airflow from beneath the aluminium honeycomb, as I’ve found that although the honeycomb massively reduces burning/scorching on the underside of the material, the hot air/fumes couldn’t escape the cell that it was trapped in when used on a solid base.

I have some tiny magnets for things like paper/card, but I’m planning on using some bigger and stronger magnets for holding down ply to keep it flat, I’d just need to be careful they don’t catch on the laser.

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The bolts protruding up in the bottom left corner will get in the way of the shroud on the laser head, so I’ll have to get shorter bolts that are counter sunk into the bracket.

Oh, and yes it’s probably a good idea to spray all parts black!

Your construction is really great. Also a good idea with the aluminium square on the left bottom, for the start position of the Laserhead. Thanks for sharing.


Very clever ideas John.

As you say, countersunk screws with the bolt beneath the base plate should work perfectly to clear the laser guard.

The bracket is a great way of ensuring your material is square to the base.

I’ve now sprayed the base black and the appropriate countersunk bolts to hold the corner bracket in place fitted.

The only time I may have a problem is when cutting paper or card, as anything that over a couple of mm thick should clear the corner plate/countersunk bolts.

I tried it with some 3mm ply and with the standard height setting tool under the laser shroud it easily clears them.

Looking impressive!

Well done.

Thank you Domenic, I’ve since reduced the length of the laser shroud by 3mm, so I get clearance over the corner guide even when cutting paper.

Also, this video shows that even a simple corner angle can make placing the material very accurate, as I’d just cut out a circle from 3mm ply and taken the wood from the cutting base, and then placed it back in the same position.

It’s hard to see in the video, but the laser beam is accurately following the previous cut.

I really just need to get my workshop sorted, and then I won’t need to worry about the smell/smoke, as I’ll make a simple extraction system and vent it out of the wall.