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E1 Vacuum pad

Done.MDF+ Aluminium tape.3D print ABS.Machined CNC router for wood.+vaccleaner Karcher.

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Hi Juraj,

Nice work. Just thinking out loud…would it be safer to have the surface non reflective?   I used to work on laser systems years ago and we even had black tools so we would not inadvertently deflect the beam.




I like the idea of a vacuum base of some sort, but I’ve read (and experienced) that an elevated (i.e., honeycomb) underside allows for better cutting. I too wondered about the shiny surface, but I suppose proper eye protection for all in viewing range would address that. I don’t know what happens to the diode laser if the full power is reflected into the device during operation or if that is a consideraion.

Hi Daryl.

You are right.Followed by a test paper cutting.Aluminum tape withstand cut.Other modifications with matt black paint.




Looking good Juraj.

Great work Juraj.

We have also found that a black powder coated paint on the base plate works very well to prevent reflections. Even though the laser will mark the painted surface, there is still a non reflective layer left behind.