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E1 Red Dot Laser Mod

I have just completed a Mod to give my Emblaser1 a Red Dot on the start point for engraving.

Purchase from Jaycar Electronics their “Duiotech Red Laser Diode Module” ($5).

The module slips into the aluminium channel that supports the Emblaser fan/shroud & laser.

By utilising the white fan plug at the back, the red dot turns on when the Emblaser is at 50% power & ramps up to full power when the laser turns on.

A simple, 10 minute job.

I can’t find how to upload photos to show this mod.

Nice idea Bill.  I think you drag and drop photos to add them to your post.  I would be interested to check out your installation.

Thanks Daryl - Now, how to insert them in correct orientation!?

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

Apologies - I wrote “utilising the white fan plug” - should have read “the laser control plug”. See Photo.

Fan runs at12V - this would most likely fry the red laser board! The red laser requires around 3-6V & <1mW.

THANKS Bill I will check it out.