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E1 Power supply

I feel a little silly having to ask this question, but I have to ask anyway.  What voltage do I need for the power supply?  I moved my Emblaser a while back and since then all of my power supplies have been put in the same place.  You pick a voltage and I have a supply, I just can’t remember which one went with the Emblaser.

Mine is a ZF120A-1203000 and is 110-240vac input, 3.0 amp 12vdc output. It feels “scrawny” to me, compared to all the other power supplies in the household, but it does not get particularly hot in use.

Yes, Fred is correct. (thx Fred!)

The E1 doesn’t draw more than 3 amps due to the efficient techniques we use in the electronics. There is very little waste of power.

Thanks!  Time to put the label maker to use!