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E1 New Fan.

I replaced the fan on my machine - with higher air pressure and movement.

Its double the thickness and higher rpm.


I have noticed from tests that the smoke created when burning really does get blown away faster - and the material is much cleaner and less brown afterwards. 

It is small efficiencies like this that add up to give better cut times! please see the pics below of the fan and a job I ran before and after installing it.



The post title made me thing you were a new enthusiast of the Emblaser 1, but I see now that it’s enthusiasm for a new device to move air. I had a fan failure some time ago and replaced mine with one similar to the one in the photo.

Not only will you get improved cutting, but the laser module will also be cooled more effectively. Mine might have fried because the fan slowed too much and I noticed it too late.

Haha I suppose I am a new fan myself too!
I didn’t think about it cooling the diode as well… Added bonus!

I noticed the props on the old fan had a fair bit of dust on and were hard to clean, these ones are much easier.

That looks very good… are you able to tell us any details about the new fan? 

Here is the link to the one I got.
You’d need to wire it to a 2pin connector though.

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263007148445

Josh - thank you very much indeed!

I have been so very impressed with my E1, I’m all for getting the most of it… I suspect I shall still use it a lot even when the E2 arrives! I am constantly surprised at what it is possible to get is to do…

I wish I could afford an E2…
And tryout laserweb…
And see if I can improve it…

Hi Josh,

Finally fitted the double height fan and concur with your findings.  I ran my first engraving job today with no clean up required as there was no smoke contamination on the timber (Australian Mountain Ash)





Happy to hear it!

Hey Josh, thanks for the little performance tidbit. Could you post a pic of the 2 pin connector you used please


Hi Daryl,

Very nice coasters, Is  the mountain Ash timber or ply? If its timber, did you get it already at that thickness or did you mill it yourself?

Just ordered my own bigger fan because I don’t want to get left behind!  7  bucks with free postage, how do they manage that?


Chris J

Hi Chris,

THANKS. Yep the timber is Mountain Ash. I didn’t thickness it as I engraved them for a local woodcraft group member and he supplied the stock. I do thickness all my stock in my workshop. Especially required for making quality musical instruments. (See Below)

Yeah I think the fan does make a difference. I will be interested in the results you find.

I mentored a friend building a ukulele in my workshop and we finished it a couple of days ago after about a three year very part time build.   Mountain Ash back and sides with a Bear Claw Spruce top. We engraved the headstock and internal makers mark with the E1.  The rest…all by hand. :slight_smile:

image.jpg image.jpg



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I confess that I simply snipped the wires to my existing fan in situ, and soldered the new one to the old wires (with heat-shrink of course),  As I wasn’t planning to reinstate the smaller fan…

Yep, Giles I did the same on mine.

Just snipped it and soldered lol