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E1 Laser unit air-assist

Finished in the air head! 

1: Strengthening Teflon Lens

2: Air fan upgrade!





Quantity: 1Pc

  • size: 40mm (L) x 40mm (W) x 20mm (H)
  • DC Cooling Fan
  • Rated Voltage: 12V
  • Current: 0.13A
  • Input Power: 1.5W
  • Nominal Speed: 9000 RPM
  • Air Flow: 11 CFM
  • Noise: 30 dBA
  • 2pin 2.54mm Connector

3: Air condition for head, and setting!

The size is exactly the same as the laser guard!

And now I enjoy what I’m clever !! :slight_smile:



Zsolt Lorincz

from Hungary



Good Job Lorincz.

That is very ingenious. Now you can do 3D engravings more efficiently with PicEngrave Pro 5.

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Very nice. Have you done any comparisons, with and without the air assist? It would be very interesting to see how this effects the cutting ability.

Well done!

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Hi Jeff!!

Prepared on the basis of your idea!

So far, you helped me a lot !!

Thanks Jeff!

Hi Liam!!

Yes, I compared the cut! Nicer air blowing! So it does not burn the paper, if the sample is meticulous in it!

Sample Video:


Sample Pictures:

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Hi Lorincz,

Well done! The modifications look very elegant.

Have you tested this using aluminium honeycomb under the paper? You may find the cutting results will be even cleaner on the underside of the paper with this. We notice this when cutting even without an air-assist. Fumes and reflected heat will not be able to affect the paper compared to when cutting on a solid surface.

I assume you are focusing the lens first and then attaching the nozzle? I notice the setscrew holding the laser module is removed. Be careful not to cause the module to twist when adjusting the lens as it could damage the wires going to the laser diode.

Please keep us updated with the benefits you notice using air assist when cutting other materials as well. I’m sure there are many customers interested in this modification if it improves cutting ply-wood, for instance.

thank you,



Great idea  Zsolt and Jeff.Thank you for the inspiration

Here is my solution 3D print + metal nozzle.

Juraj - Slovak republik.




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HI Juraj!

It is very good! You are skilful!

Zsolt from Hungary

Hi Juraj,

Looks good. You may want to consider having a smaller hole for the air to exit. The smaller the hole, the higher the velocity of the air exiting to blow any charred material away if using it for cutting wood. Your compressor will not need to run as much and you can lower the input air pressure too.


Yes, you are right Jeff…The improved…







Is the 3mm ply completely cut through in one pass with your air-assist?

What feed-rate did you use to achieve this?

Keep up the great developments.


hi Domenic

Oooo  no . Sorry I do not know English.misunderstand .opaquely written. :slight_smile:

4W = cca.1mm …1pass so  3mm ply= 3-4 passing . ( 100%)



Hi Juraj,

You are doing very well for someone who does not speak English!

Please keep us updated on how the 2.5mm nozzle works for you.

This is a very interesting topic and we are happy with any information shared.


Any link for the metal nozzle, on where to buy or at least its specifications?