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E1 Laser Life expectancy?


I have an Emblaser since summer 2015. A while ago there has been a big down in the cut power. I have checked connections, cleaning the lens, drastically lowered the cutting speed… I have even just replaced the FFC connector and fan. Nothing has been successful, and the laser does not cut materials that previously executed without problem -1mm. wood, for example-.

What is te useful life of the diode? Is it possible that mine has reached its end? Certainly the machine has had a moderate use, with generous periods of time without activity.

Thanks for yours comments. 




Laser life is varied as it depends on a number of factors and we usually measure the lifespan in hundreds of hours. 

How hard the diode is run (power %), ambient temperature, diode intensity switching etc all play a part in it’s lifespan.

We have found our diodes to be extremely reliable and faults in them occur either immediately (during assembly) or immediately after the customer has started using the machine.

From what you describe it would either be a dirty lens OR the diode has reached the end of its life.


Hi Domenic,

I understand, many factors come into play. Unfortunately, I think it is not lens problem… I have just done more tests, sometimes the laser beam does not even ‘mark’ the surface. Is there any possibility of previously detecting less reliable diodes?

In any case, thanks for your answer.


I also own emblaser 1 from summer 2015 with 3W laser unit. From the begining I mostly use it for cutting 3mm poplar plywood (settings: 1800 mA, speed 150 mm/min 2 passes, power 100%). I used this laser more than 150 hours on 100% power without significant power loose.

This year I bougth 4W and set it to 3000 mA. With it I cut through 3 mm poplar plywood with 180 mm/min, 1 pass, 100% power. But only for about 20 hours. After that I noticed significant power loose - after another 20 hours of usage I should use 100 mm/min, 3 passes to cut through :frowning:

So I’m switching back to old good 3W… and asking DarklyLabs fro some discount on new laser unit :slight_smile: