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E1 laser head position

For those that are used to the laser head finishing in the home position after completing a job there is a way.  

  1. Open the Move window in LightBurn with the laser head at the home position.

  2. Hit the get position button in the Move window.

  3. Hit the set finish button in the Move window.


Step 2 is done automatically by step 3, but otherwise spot on.

You can set the finish position to anywhere you like, and we’ve modified the default to be the top-right for E1 devices in the next build, but that will only affect new device setups - once a device is configured you have to change it manually.

It would be nice for the software to give a visual cue that the command has been clicked. I’ve clicked on these buttons and they don’t turn green, numbers don’t change, no affirmation. It just ‘clicks’ emptily. I wondered if it even worked.

That’s good feedback - we can add a confirmation of some kind.