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E1 Focusing tool

After some fiddling around with focusing I made this.

If I have to replace the laser and when cleaning the lens it makes it a lot easier.

Focus as per Darkly’s instructions first.

This is for fine tuning. An out of focus laser probably won’t have the accuracy needed.

1.5mm ply and 3mm nylon bolts. Some engraving for the fun of it.





I set the height of the laser above the piece of MDF you can see, using the provided tool then put the tool on, making sure not to alter the height.


On the left is a  “switch” to turn on the Laser. Check that you do not foul the Emblaser Laser Guard safety switch.

Using Cut 2D I set up a working area the same size as the laser cutting area (A4 for me), then draw a vertical line 50mm long at the top right hand corner.

Then put the MDF (that you set the height on at the beginning) at the top right corner and cut a line. I use Vectric Transfer, mine is set to home before cutting.

Check focus, cut, refocus then move the MDF to the right and cut again, refocus and so on.



Some details - all 1.5mm ply.

The focus tool is glued together, tapered and is a deliberate loose fit until seated, so no pressure is needed to fit the tool.

Using 1.5mm ply the laser focus ring is the first thing to touch the tool

Paper gaskets are used for the loose fit.

The right clamp screw is short to keep it clear of the belts when homed.


Cutting a prototype out.


Side view, the left hand side can be used to check focus after putting the tool on.


Files are at this link. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1821642 

I used superglue to assemble.

Assembly - The focus tool is tapered 1 is smallest and on the bottom. Then 2 3 4, use bolts through holes to line everything up for gluing and test on your laser. Loose till seated.

Dry fit everything else first. Once you are happy then glue.

Clamp body - A is bottom, work your way up. - No glue inside the ring.

The clamp screw pieces - hole, hex, hex, Nut, hole then insert, long tab down into F G top plate will secure.

Clamp jaw has a key for alignment and gluing.




Holy smokey optics, Batman!

That’s an amazing assembly. I’m not sure I understand the entire fit just yet, but that’s only because I haven’t created the parts and attempted to put it together. Do you have a good-priced US source for the plywood?

Jumping over to thingiverse for the download!

Hi Fred,

Thanks for the compliment.

Live in NZ. Sorry, can’t help with the ply.

This may make the plans clearer.


And the back


Very impressive Joseph.

Want a job!

Very nice indeed…!